You might enjoy..if you enjoy science fiction

The Tactics of Mistake Gordon Dickson
Where someone builds a “TameFlow” military organization that wins by hyperperforming. I think it includes almost all the elements of Tameflow, especially those around decision making. Everyone is trained (at all levels) so that once they know the general objective, they know what they should do in pretty much any circumstance, without needing specific orders. :slight_smile:

Don’t know that work. Can you give a summary, please?

plot summary here but it does not mention the “tameflow” part. when the protagonist is creating his military he follows a practice like that of Nelson. Every soldier at every level is expected to learn the pattern of reaction to different kinds of events. He instills a “shared mental model” and “community of purpose” Then when they are fighting, once an order is given, every soldier “knows” what to do at his level to reach “the goal”. I believe the US Marines have the same doctrine. They call it “mission based orders”. It’s driven by the same forces that drive the development of autonomy in knowledge work.

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In military doctrine it is often known as “Commander’s Intent.”