Why use PEST as an acronym?

I was considering the PEST acronym this morning.

The term “pest” has a negative connotation to it, something you want to get rid of.
However, as I understand the use of the acronym in Tameflow, it’s just an arrangement of the organization, not something inherently bad.
I was wondering if the order “STEP” might be more appropriate (“we want to control the amount of STEPs in our system, lest we cause disruption and block the flow”).

What do others think?


Good perspective… and a STEP is aligned with a MOVE… maybe we should change the acronym! Will think about it. And yes… what do others think? (Still in time to change this before printing the 1st edition…)


I think it’s a great proposal!


I agree… PEST has a negative connotation here in The Netherlands too

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On the other hand… PEST is something you want to take control of… like in “pest control.”

And then you need the right antidote… which is #tameflow.

The idea was in fact to highlight the negative connotation, because it frames what needs to be addressed.

Maybe we use both! Transform your PEST into a STEP with the right MOVE. (That’s poetic license!)

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I like the negative connotation, as it highlights the realities of of large organizations with gnarly intertwined systems and siloed structures.

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I agree.
Turn a PEST (that bites us) into a STEP (on the way to success).

My point is that we can do whatever we want, there will always be projects, events, teams and stakeholders and that’s nothing to be concerned about.
We should only be concerned when they get beyond control and start to become un-manageable.

Well… that is how it is in most companies.

But I like how this is coming out. We start from PEST and turn it into STEP… :smiley: