Why is TameFlow an "approach" and not a method, methodology, process or similar?



TameFlow is based primarily on Mental Models that build up our beliefs about how the world (or more humbly: our companies and businesses) works.

It is on the basis of such beliefs that we evaluate any situation, and make decisions that trigger actions. TameFlow thus is a way of thinking about reality that gives a direction to our decision making.

To learn about TameFlow is more about acquiring frames of mind, mindsets and attitudes rather than following a preset cookbook of recipes.

Methods, methodologies, processes or even customizable process frameworks invariably imply following well defined steps, dictated by rule books, performed in an orderly sequence.

Step-by-step process may work in certain situations, but they definitively impose an outsider’s view on our own reality; they force us to fit into someone else’s view of how things should work. It is unlikely they view reality the same way as we do; and even less likely that they can understand our reality as we do.

With TameFlow we will develop our own “approach” by thinking about our own reality, in our own context, with our own problems; and in our reality we will develop our own solutions. The force of TameFlow derives from the fact that we become the owners of solutions that we develop our selves.