Which Idea, Concept, Framework is to Blame for My Thinking, What I Say and What I Do?

On social media platforms, websites and blogs I observe criticism of various frameworks.

While I find constructive criticism meaningful, I often observe a long list of things seemingly wrong with the frameworks - in the view of those posting conveying their opinions.

It seems like hidden motives (self-serving ones) are being guessed about and as if there is a cause (the framework) that inevitably will result in some undesirable / negative effects. I find that odd; to say the least.

The following is not for or against any particular framework.

I am wondering how any framework can be the solution to (cause of) all problems in an organization?

Equally I am wondering how any framework can be the cause of all (many) problems(undesirable/negative) effects in an organization?

If I get introduced to an idea - a concept - a framework - who other than myself is accountable for reflecting on and possibly utilizing this idea / concept / framework?

Personally I think that I am accountable for my own actions no matter what another human being wrote down. So no matter what an idea / concept / framework may or may not prescribe it does not absolve me from thinking and in extension being accountable for what I say and what I do; how I treat other human beings.

I think all “frameworks” can be utilized in a humane manor and conversely in the opposite manor.

What do you think?

Any prescribed approach (“Do this because I say so”) inevitably creates Manichean divisions: The Good Ones (“Us”) who have received the understanding of the framework (or whatever) and The Bad Ones (“Them”).

So it is not so much about the frameworks - it is about the dogmatic prescription of compliance and obedience.

Wherever there are “Holy Grails” (WIP Limits…) or “Holy Cows” (Sprints…), or whatever, that cannot be questioned lest you get ostracized (Scrumbuts), will produce this behavior.

What is the alternative? To respect people and allow them to think by themselves. Or even better: make them think by themselves - which is what the TameFlow Approach strives to do.

Whould TameFlow be more successful if I wrote a “Holy TameFlow Guide?

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Please do not produce some sort of dogmatic / orthodox guide.

We always strive to be very logical.

And we also strive to cater for people’s needs, and make them happy.

People seem to like prescriptive dogmatic guides.

Therefore, to make people happy, we need to give them a prescriptive, dogmatic guide.

It’s logical.