When do we start work?

When do we start work? This seems like a simple question.

Sometimes it is simple to answer. If the work is a very simple task you can complete yourself, it is important and urgent - and you have nothing more important and urgent to do - then maybe start now.

If you have 10 same sized work items that each takes 10 colleagues 1 hour to complete - and the 10 people are half through completing item 3 out 10 and they need to complete all items as soon as possible - when should they start working on item 4?


Critical question.

Do you know where is Herbie?

Well. In this very conceptual example I tried to convey that for each work item all 10 people have to do something to complete the work item for each work item. If the work item cannot be completed without all of them touching it then I would argue there can only be one answer to the question - no matter the constraint (Herbie) in the work process, work flow and work execution because this is single cell flow. Or?

I don’t know. Do the 10 people work sequentially, in parallel, or collectively all together?

Probably a too conceptual “example” :slight_smile:

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