What is Hyper-Performance?



TameFlow touts it will create Breakthrough Performance Improvement that will bring about Hyper-Performance. But what is Hyper-Performance?

How can the concept of hyper-performance impact how we work?

I love that question, and it is the right question to get me started! Hyper-performance, if you just look at the word: it is made of two parts. They both bear a meaning.

There is the “hyper” and there is the “performance.”

Hyper” is the greek prefix that means over, in excess, above or beyond. So we are talking about something that is beyond, something that is a statistical outlier, something that is rare and uncommon.

There are also some funny meanings, like “hyper-space” being in multiple dimensions. Hyper-performance is like that, you cannot just pinpoint one single element that gives you hyper-performance, you have to look at many different things or dimensions.

You also have this idea of things which are linked in some way, like hypertext and hyperlinks on the Internet. We have the same concept here: we need to connect different ideas to understand what hyper-performance is about.

Then there is the second part, “performance,” which is easier to relate to.

In an economic sense it is about productivity, where you try to understand how much output you can get from a machine, a team, an organization or a system, and you put it in relation to the labor or effort you make. It is a classical economic measurement.

The interesting part of performance is not so much the idea of comparing output to input, but it is this idea of rate. With rate you have the combination of speed, velocity and volume. In today’s “hyper-fast,” connected world of the internet, speed is very important: it gives you responsiveness, the ability to manage risk, and to keep up with the changing market.

With this idea of rate you also have this implied notion of flow - of things that are “flowing.” It is a concept that has importance both from the point of view of the practicalities of seeing how work flows through a team or an organization; but also from the psychological point of view where you might be talking about being in a state of flow.

You often hear that about programmers, athletes or artists that are in a state of flow when they perform the most amazing feats. Well, what about if you could get an entire team or an entire organization being in that kind of state of flow. That is what hyper-performance is about.

Transcribed and adapted from the SPaMCast #258 podcast.