War Games--finding Herbie

Renaissance knights practiced fighting EVERY DAY. They were going to end up in battles full of chaos, confusion, stress and over exertion. In those kinds of circumstances humans get knocked down to their “level of training”, and they want their level of training to be as high as possible.
If your organization uses Tameflow you might consider holding “war games”. At some suitable interval, you ask the people from one group (team, department, division) to visit a different group and “find their herbie”. Even though their hosts may already “know” where their constraint is, the visitors do their own investigation and produce a report that describes what “they” find the herbie to be, whether it can be elevated, whether it is in danger of moving, etc.
The results should be interesting (and occasionally, surprising) and the war gamers should return “home” with a greater sensitivity to their own situation.

Interesting concept. Wonder though how that foreign inspection might work… because in the Operational Flow we identify Herbie primarily through metrics and buffer monitoring. So once folks are skilled in the art, it should be trivial to find the Herbie of the situation. Can even thing of all this being automated… if only someone wrote a tool… :slight_smile:

…I’ve seen that grin before :slight_smile:

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