UN-Common Sense No. 2: The Egg of Columbus of Business Agility - Recording

Here is the recording of the second episode in the UN-Common Sense series: The Egg of Columbus of Business Agility that I hosted today.

This was the lead-in of the talk:

Improvement initiatives abound; and most of them fail to deliver. Change fatigue is real; and people cannot bear any more. What can we do about it? Maybe apply some science instead of preconceptions! However science is often counter-intuitive. It might be obvious in hind-sight, but not self-evident from the outset. One needs to suspend disbelief and actually learn to see how easy it is - provided you have the knowledge. In this session we are going to talk about the Egg of Columbus of Business Agility. Things that are really obvious, but nobody knows about and that can dramatically simplify all improvement efforts. Not only, they will also deliver what they promise, and they will stick!

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