Type 1 and Type 2 thinking at work

From an introduction to a throughput accounting book by Goldratt 1995 speculating on why people stick with cost accounting even when they recognize all of its problems: “Maybe it is because the conceptual difference between thinking cost and thinking throughput is not understood. Thinking cost allows (sometimes even forces) a manager to think locally–a work center in isolation, a product isolation. Thinking throughput forces a manager to think globally.”
One should never underestimate the awesome power of the built in bias with human beings to NEVER do any thinking that involves the type 2 mind, if at all possible, even when they know better. Which raises the question for those trying to promote something like TameFlow…how will you overcome this very strong force in organizational dynamics. I don’t think it can be done by appealing to reason.

We never appeal to reason. We use reason; but we appeal to people’s needs.

You need to find the buttons that trigger the Enlightened Self-Interest.