The Two Pillars for a Good Culture to Emerge!

A recurring question on how to have a good culture, mindset, etc. seems like a never ending skating on a slippery slope and for which a perfect answer may not arrive.

However, the following are two pillars for a good culture to emerge and evolve:

  1. Founding philosophy or right philosophical thinking at the top of the organization during all times of its journey, and

  2. Right structural design of the organization( as any structure is invisible in social systems it requires design of interactions and flow of value, psychological, information, etc.).

When it comes to organizational structure what matters is the actual/effective structure (i.e. the social network) over the formal structure; and that a lot of these structures are determined (often in subtle, implicit ways) by the mental models of the people who are in charge or who act as “role models” (both positive as well as negative) inside the organization. (Many thanks to Steve Tendon for this paragraph)

As the right organizational behavior and culture evolves and emerges from structures and this design of structures is dysfunctional in most of the situations, a good starting point to begin the journey is to focus on designing invisible structures in the organization. We also need leading indicators, not after the fact metrics and indicators, to see and visualize where entire organization is heading as one unit.

I believe the TameFlow approach through Theory of Constraints which has success stories for over three decades is a good starting point to design organizational structures for value generation and flow of all values and for right culture to emerge.

So how to start the journey to sow the seeds of good organizational culture? Begin to think about invisible structures and start to consider the TameFlow approach!

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