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Click Reply and add a Topic – e.g., Flow – with a starter definition that contains a reference to Tameflow literature. In this case Tame Your Work Flow + page #; (TYWF Page 458).

Then greater depth on that topic can be added as replies; in this case, replies to the topic ‘Flow.’


We will consider that we have arrived at a state of Flow if we observe the following:

  • All work is performed according to an agreed upon prioritization.

  • Work is not subject to undue interruptions.

  • Issues are detected early, escalated and responded to rapidly.

  • Decisions are made cooperatively and with unanimity.

  • Multitasking is reduced.

  • Work Load is sustainable for everyone, and the work “flows” naturally throughout the organization.

  • Management attention is focused and effective.

  • Performance improves significantly.

  • Intellectual workers are mostly waiting for work, rather than seeing work waiting for them.

  • Workers and resources are moved as needed to support the Constraint of the moment.

(TYWF Page 458)