The concept of inspired leadership

You explain inspired leadership as the leader being inspired to come up with solutions, yet the way I understand and experience inspired leadership is that the leader inspires his followers to do more, be better, improve etc.

From a more TPS (lean manufacturing) perspective, it is about empowering and respecting the people. Inspired leadership according to the Toyota Way is about giving the people the power for example to stop the production line when they see a problem. It is also about asking guiding questions to help the people get the answers rather than telling them what the answer is.

When a leader inspires his people, they are motivated, and ultimately, productivity is very much related to motivation. A demotivated workforce is a unproductive workforce.

I would reframe the reference to inspired leadership to focus more on motivating the whole group to help Herby carry his goods and stay together as a team than focusing on the leader coming up with solutions.

Thanks for the comment. I am familiar with what you describe, but I call it inspirING leadership. In TameFlow I deliberately call it inspirED leadership. It is different. It is not directed to the team. It is a personal thing of the leader.

Also note in TF we reckon that anybody can perform acts of leadership. It isn’t necessarily someone at the top. Hence the person who does such acts must be “inspired” to do them. In all this the Unity of Purpose pattern is obviously foundational.

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