The complexity unanimity-based decision making makes it sound too good to be true

I have worked with POPCORN in various setups, and I have grown to appreciate the power of unanimity vs consensus based decision making.

My fear is, however, that the bigger the crowd from which you seek unanimity, the (much much much…much) bigger the complexity of achieving it.

To what extent should unanimity be sought after, and does it eliminate at all the “power of the highest paid member” coming to the rescue when very small minorities resist to the move?

Yes Popcorn Flow works in smaller settings.

In larger settings, you would use other tools. A mesh up of Patterns, Strategy & Tactics Trees, and OKRs.

The key mechanism is getting to unanimous agreement on “obvious” things (which set the context of a pattern); get to agree on what the problem is (problem of the pattern); and then agree on a solution (the solution of the pattern). All this works with the idea that people do not want to contradict themselves; and then create conditions for “enlightened self interest.”

Note that in TOC we use the Thinking Processes to do this in a very structured way.