Tameflow Games Book Completion Date


The Tameflow Games book is not yet completed.

Any idea when it will be completed? Do you have a version I can use?

I’d like to practice the games, especially the Tameflow Simulation which is in the book as well but was hoping to use a concise step by step guide.

I also notice the batch size game in the book and was thinking of devising one myself in the last few days before seeing this. The agile coin game seems too perfect and does not work well in the presence of dependencies (a PEST environment). I figured someone else may have come up with simulation already and perhaps this is it. Do you have the steps for that as well?




Hi @nzdunic

I have no date on that book yet… Right now most energy is on launching the TameFlow training & professional services. But, yes!, sooner or later I’ll work on it again! :slight_smile:

I have a number of games that I will include… but nothing set in stone yet. If you have any suggestion, I’d be happy to add. If you would like to contribute a chapter, then that would also be an option! :smiley:



Hi Steve,

I’m open to helping out.

My goal is to increase my capability in tameflow by simulation, especially the main one in the book. That will certainly help in me and anyone I help in the future.

The book suggests there are instructions, but if you haven’t started on those that would be the place I’d like to start.

As a second item, I had some thoughts about modeling the effects of batch size in a complex system. I seem to recall from my AGI Jonah training the constraint will ultimately been the limiting factor. There was a simulation in that training but not directed to batch size. I need to check. It’s a theory to test out.

But as I said the tameflow simulation is first.

I also feel like being at the beginning of the (Moore’s) curve in terms of adoption. The economic conditions will probably make that curve a little longer. Taking some accreditation with yourself is a consideration for sure but mindful of the adoption curve risk :wink:

Looking forward to seeing what we can do.



Hi @nzdunic,

Yes, the TameFlow Simulation will be the center piece, and at the top of the backlog!

Great. I’ll take your offer. We need to get organized. Maybe the simulation can be developed as a team. We have @DanielDoiron, @Michael_Kuesters, @Stu and others who are interested helping too.

Yes, I also want to recall that there is a relationship between optimal batch size and actual capacity of the Constraint.

Nice that you think that we’re on a Moore’s curve here! Let’s make it take-off!

Great to do it as a team.

I’ve plenty of availability at the moment and until that changes I can put a lot of effort into it.

I’m in the states so I will need US Coins instead :wink:

I’ve thought about doing something electronic. Excel, insight maker, program. The impact would be lessened.