TameFlow for the C Suite

A quote from Jan van Egmond on linked in
“How to keep Upper Management from getting authoritarian and too demanding?
Both executives and sales have a knack for putting people under pressure to get commitments regardless of whether it is reasonably what they ask.
Did you know they don’t have another choice?
Their role is to make sure there is enough work. Sell new projects. They need to give clients commitments even before they got the chance to answer all questions, a long time before you can tell anything about the availability of capacity.
Worse than committing to something unrealistic is committing nothing at all. If you don’t voluntarily commit, they have to put you under pressure.
Stopping this rather obnoxious behavior seems a mission impossible. But there are solutions.
I am quoting him, because it raises a question I have been thinking of. Is there a TameFlow training for CEO’s ? or Salespeople? I realize that the TameFlow book covers the roles of management, but I wonder. Are you imagining that the whole organization will work thru the two TameFlow courses? Maybe there are future plans. I know there are a lot of balls in the air in the beginning. Not meant critical…when I am interested, my curiosity expands.

Jan van Egmond is doing some excellent stuff. His “pipelines” are exactly the same as what we do in TameFlow when looking for the Constraint in the Work Flow. It can give results very quickly when you have many to balls to juggle in the air at the same time.

Regarding how we will address go-to-market issues: no plans have been announced nor disclosed yet.

Can only tell you the B.I.G… P.L.A.N.S are coming.

You’ll just have to wait and see! :smiley:

It’s not fair to tease the poor trainers.

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