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Minton and I have been working on materials for the TameFlow class. One idea we had was to make a Roam database available to the students that was a set of notes on the TameFlow book. It would be one of their takeaways. Do you have any time to talk these days? I would be good to know what you think of the idea.

Love the idea. Why not do a book club reading the book and using Roam. There are some Roam book clubs out there already that could serve as reference.

Book club would also be a great use of a “roam” version. Might be good to approach the book in sections…as it covers a lot of ground.

Thinking about publishing the next book as an “rBook” as they are being called.

So having a Roam Based book club could make a lot of sense. Covering not only my “TameFlow” books but even others that offer relevant topics.

We’ll have to take it slow. Developing an rBook is a LOT of work. For me it is also opening really interesting areas. I started working on the sections about how TameFlow uses Patterns and trying to make “notes” on the book revealed that I have a lot of questions in that area. It was a very interesting experience.
Probably one way out would be to have the “club” support multiple “authors” who work at convert different works into rBooks. It’s the only way to generate the necessary horsepower.

Here is a sample of how I would propose “condensing” the book into a roam graph. This is the section on the story of herbie:

  • A team of scouts go on a hike.
  • The trail is narrow so everyone has to hike in line.
  • One scount, [[Herbie]], walks more slowly than all the rest.
  • As the day goes on the scouts bunch up, some go faster, some go slower. The Scout Master tries to speed up Herbie, but Herbie can only go so fast. He eventually realizes that Herbie is determining the troup’s “[[throughput]]”, the amount of ground they can cover for a unit of time.
  • The Scout Master moves Herbie to the front of the line, so that everyone will stay together, but this doesn’t let them move any faster. The Scout Master asks the other scouts to all carry something from Herbie’s pack. With less weight in his pack Herbie can walk faster, so the whole troup has a higher “throughput” and can make better progress.
  • The line of scouts represents a series of dependent tasks in a workflow. The individual scout’s speed is subject to statistical fluctuation, which accumulates over time, making the line get more and more spread out.
  • The number of steps between the first scout in the line and the last scout in the line at any given time is the troup’s [[Inventory]] or [[Work in Progress]].
  • The energy it takes for the Scouts to walk is their [[Operational Expense]]
  • The process can be summarized as [[The Five Focusing Steps]]
    • "Identify the Constraint "
      • “The process that has the smallest capacity in a production/delivery system is the constraint.”
    • "Exploit the Constraint "
      • “Insure that the process that is the constraint is working at its maximum capacity.”
    • "Subordinate to the Constraint "
      • “Allow the capacity of the constraint to govern all the other processes in the system. Avoid over production.”
    • "Elevate the Constraint "
      • “Remove any burdens on the constraint to allow it to operate faster.”
    • “Repeat”
      • “Check that the original constraint is still the constraint. The constraint may have moved.”
  • [[The Unstated Step 0]]
    • Making the “goal” of the system explicit.
  • [[The Extra Step 6]]
    • Place the constraint deliberately and maintain it
      • The whole system becomes easier to manage because it becomes more stable.
  • The Secret of all the Steps
    • The three noble patterns of Tameflow
      • [[Unity of Purpose]]
      • [[Community of Trust]]
      • [[Inspired Leadership]]

The question is, how should such a rBook be shared. Should it be public? Should be it shared just with people who take a class? Should it be shared “by invitation”?
Public would be easiest, but might canabilize some sales of the print book. On the other hand public would give the book exposure, and might lead to some sales of the print book.

I was thinking about a “Roam Book Club” with multiple contributors; not a rBook, which would be the effort of an author or two.

Have you seen this: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/roam-book-club-2/page/0vjP5zR-S ?

No I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for the link.
A roam book club seems like a great idea. My biggest problem with it is how do I start a new roam graph at this point ? I think its not possible.
I could repurpose one of my current roam graphs that I’m not using, and make it public. That’s the path I will pursue.
My question about a roam version of the Tame Flow book came up around the idea of making it available as a resource when a tame flow trainer is working with a client. Assuming that the client would be buying copies of the book itself, the roam version would be a “condensed” version that would be useful to review stuff, and, I think, most useful as a place to link to other, outside the book resources, but have the links keyed into the structure of the book.
Minton and I have also been talking about using it as a resource for the training classes.

I guess you can have as many as 3 roam graphs; and making one public would be a necessity for such a book club.

A Roam version of the existing TameFlow books is not something I would agree too. Though I am considering authoring the Patterns book as such - if and when I have time to do it, that is.

Curating a “wiki” style TameFlow body of knowledge is also something we could do with Roam. But someone needs to be the curator… and my Herbie backpack is already overloaded…

I would be open to committing to the curating a “body of knowledge” roam graph. It’s the kind of thing I do well (i think).
I have a graph already with a lot of tame flow related material in it that I can clean up the links in for a starter.
I think the book club should have its own graph…the pages multiply very fast in roam. I made a lot of graphs during my beta membership, so I can supply both graphs… the only thing will will not be able to do is rename them. I should be able to make new roam graphs soon, and then we can transfer the material to a more properly named graph. So could do both the “book club” and the “tameflow brain”…hopefully they’ll start with a limited number of interested people and scale them up.
yes, i did notice that your “backpack” was getting really full… congrats, YOU are the constraint.

I can open up a new “empty” graph for the Body of Knowledge effort. There’s plenty of stuff to move over too… And we have @mintonbrooks and @mark with whom we have been testing things out. Let’s see at the beginning of 2021 to get going with this too.

Herbie, yours truly!

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Sounds great. We’ll have to have a talk about the sort of curation you expect.

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So I’m thinking about starting a book club in January and working through “When Will it Be Done?” at 2 chapters a week, with an emphasis on having people construct the spreadsheet to generate the graphs he recommends.

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Sounds great.

Then we could extend and build-on support for TameFlow concepts onto those spreadsheets.

that’s what i was looking for… a way to tempt people down the garden path :slight_smile:

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