Tameflow approach using jira

Hello folks,
I’m wondering if anyone of you has tried to create cascading boards in Jira, such as a portfolio board along with individual team boards. I’m struggling with this and really appreciate any hint! Thanks for your help :relaxed:

I know of many places (who doesn’t!?) that use Jira… but I’m in now way versant with Jira myself.

Anyone? Maybe @rnwolf, @kentyer or others have some ideas?

What’s up Steve. Jira boards can be customized. You can add the necessary time tracking, and export the data you need for TameFlow calculations as CSV files…or, in a Microsoft environment, you can just attach to your Jira data with PowerBI instead of exporting your data and importing it.

Hello @kentyer, thanks for your answer. My question was related to the possibility of creating, in Jira, cascading boards as I’ve read in Steve’s new eBook.

Hi @bmenicucci I’ve not got to cascading Jira boards yet… but will do so. At the moment I am going through the process of extracting all the data from a Jira project into a local database. This includes all the issue state change events. Depending on how issue workflows are setup, you extract touch & wait times. That leads onto flow times, which helps you find herbie. I am currently exporing Process Mining techniques/tools. If you are familiar with python and are keen to help then let me know.

Hi @bmenicucci - I tried to create two cascading boards, one for the work items and one for the moves, with their own workflow; set of custom fields etc; to be able to operate wholly within Jira. I have not been overly successful and I look forward to collaborating if you want to speak directly, cheers, Nadav

@bmenicucci Is Jira a must? Or can you possibly consider other tools as well?

Hi Steve,
I’m partner of A-Dato in Italy, hence if possible I’d choose their solution. However, since the company I’m consulting has already Jira, I’m trying to investigate what can be done to “exploit” this constraint ,:blush:

Tiny world! I was thinking of A-Dato…

In any case let’s continue to explore. There are certainly more people interested in this topic!

I’m a fan of #NoTools and especially #NoJira.

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Hi @FlowchainSensei!

Nice to see you here! You are very welcome to the TameFlow community.

It is certainly better to have less tools, but there is a lower limit on practicality. For instance a clock and a calendar come to mind: plenty of benefits in knowing if we are coming to the same meeting at the same time! :slight_smile:

So in those places that suffer from Jiraitis (new pathology?), how do you suggest they remove that source of pain?