TameFlow and the Manifesto for Agile Software Development – The TameFlow Approach

In the Campfire Talks with Herbie No 26 Clarke Ching told how he works with Agile and the Theory of Constraint. An interesting parallel that I wanted to draw is to better outline how the TameFlow Approach relates to Agile.

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Some years ago , with the help of @adailretamal, we developed the responsible agile work manifesto.

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I like the copy edited manifesto much more than the original one!

Should maybe be further integrated with @sandeep_mvp’s work too!

@tendon, this looks like a very healthy and friendly throw down* to the Agile Industrial Complex. I say healthy, because it would be useful if traditional Agile advocates reason through your thinking. Hopefully we can circulate the blog and provoke some healthy reaction!

–* Collins Dictionary: “If you throw down a challenge to someone, you do something new or unexpected in a bold or forceful manner that will probably cause them to reply or react equally strongly.”

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