Socializing to get to a Hyper Product Knowledg Work Performance vs remote work/dispersed localtions

Reading about the importance of socializing, team approach, community of trust and propose, and the use of SCRUM, I woud like to know what you think about the remote work that most people now desire and gives companies the possibility to contract anyone from anywhere? The scenario I am think of is in development.

The remote scenario makes the propose and need for socializing and instant interaction much more complicated as described in the example Borland to get into Hyper Work Performance.

What are your thoughts about it and what should be the keys to prevent undesired effects when the team is geographically dispersed? What is your experience?

Thanks a lot and I hope I explained myself good enough.


Hi Knowmad, Minton here. I agree it is a problem! I really think in-person can’t be beat for making connection between human beings. So whenever possible, establishing connection in person prior to remote work will enable far more effective remote communication because some level of trust has been established, even if only ‘early trust.’

However, even if that is not possible, TameFlow is going to naturally accelerate building trust, and that could fast-track the effectiveness of remote communication. In TameFlow we want everyone to ask “What’s in it for me?” in order to align on purpose, reduce conflict, and improve decision making. That foundational mental model, ‘Unity of Purpose’, enables another – ‘Community of Trust.’

Hi Minton

Thanks a lot for your insides. Really appreciated.