[Quotes and notes] Things I really liked from the book so far

Notably, we can even tell clients how long they will have to wait for their service and predict when they will receive delivery. Much like McDonald’s and Disneyland.

I had never seen this analogy. It makes so much sense.

Thanks, Matthew!
(You need to go to Disneyland more often! :slight_smile: )

I like the pictures and graphs, that make it easy so follow! And I see the evolution over time. You add more and more puzzle pieces to the tame flow picture and it is kind of growing together - at least in my mind :slight_smile:
I especially liked the MOVE idea and the PEST topics.


Building on top of this analogy makes it yet more interesting.

The whole discourse re: Work Flow, Work Processes and how TF can help is akin of us trying to make the ride at Disneyland (or the burger at McDonald’s) more enjoyable rather than the queueing :stuck_out_tongue: