Please explain the "higher levels of conscious engagement" benefit of TameFlow

Does the term ‘engagement’ reference the four flows? E.g., we expect execs are more engaged in operational flow than is the case in most large companies by virtue of management by exception leveraging the constraint buffer signaling system.

My request is about the word ‘conscious’. What is that distinction about?

@mintonbrooks What are you referring to exactly?

I was referencing this from the list of TF benefits on the "What is TameFlow?"page:

Benefits for the Psychological FlowPermalink

“Your people will reach higher levels of conscious engagement . . .”

Is this saying the same thing? "Your people will reach “heightened focused mental Flow States, which is generally associated with a state of happiness, as studied by the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.”

It’s about engagement (on the workplace and in the work) in the broadest sense, where folks become more aware (i.e. “conscious”) of what they are doing. Partly because the Mental Models bring clarity of understanding and direction of decision making. Partly because there is more connection with others, due to focused communication with the Work Signals, and sharing of Unity of Purpose. Partly because people understand other’s needs at a deeper level, maybe via the Core Protocols. And, finally, through actual Mental Flow States where awareness in the present is elevated and unfiltered by physical limitations. Do you see how all the bits and pieces - i.e. the Patterns - work together to make it happen?

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