Math for queues...with references to Goldratt

this is kind of old, but it seemed really interesting
I don’t know how much it bears on TameFlow

Reinertsen’s work is foundational. There’s nothing he states in terms of math that clashes with TOC/TameFlow.

Where he is contrarian to TOC is the on the interpretation of the presence and impact of a Constraint, and the completely different understanding/framing of “buffers.” He likes to knock down TOC,but there is no real reason for that. TOC is a superset of his ideas; any result you achieve with Reinertsen’s ideas, you can achieve with TOC as well… Yet as multiple cases show, where you apply TOC you will often get even better results.

If nothing else TOC offers a clear way to reach those results, while Reinertsen is mostly hinting at that. The theory is good; but the proof of the pudding is in the practice.

Also his use of Cost of Delay as an economic decision making criteria is aligned with the economic thinking in TOC. And in the “Tame your Work Flow” book I show how using Financial Throughput Rate yields even better economic results than CoD - but you won’t be able to get there unless you are able to find the Constraint.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m sort of a pack-rat when I’m in learning mode.