Looking for online material to tell the story

I’d like to introduce our friend Herbie the boy scout to my team. Anyone knows of any online material - videos or illustrations, that can help when telling the story?

“The Goal Movie”

There’s a section on Herbie’s hike… but the whole movie is worth seeing.

Just did - thanks.

In the meantime I found the ship building simulation exercise in another thread on this forum and it’s damn good. It explains all the concepts in a fun and engaging way. I’m going to try the exercise at the first opportunity.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIswkelieUr0RCj1v2TLBlQ

Yes that is a great simulation to run, but it gives you only a “Kanban” perspective and not a “TameFlow” one. If you like it, you will enjoy the TameFlow Games even more :smiley: . The main TameFlow simulation is used as storyline in the new book, and then there will be another booklet for facilitators explaining it in detail.