Limiting Work Must Start With the System

Limiting work must start with the system.

Have the leadership that respects idle workers in the system. This kind of leadership is the only way to improve throughput!

May the wisdom be with you; It takes an effort to think and to explore deeply to understand and realize that throughout can be improved with idle workers?

You may be wondering how that is possible and how can you achieve that state of hyper-performance when we have idle workers in your system? This paradigm shift is the ultimate conundrum of counterintuitive thinking! Don’t you think so?

Also, have the wisdom to realize that if everyone works at their own defined best, your entire organization will run out of money, or margins will be at a deficient level. You won’t be able to survive when the market environment changes which is always a constant.

What is the leverage point that you can use to improve the throughput? Which can be like managing Archimedes lever in your system?

“Give me a lever long enough… and single-handed I can move the world,” Archimedes.

Finally, in the knowledge world, we now have thinking, techniques, practices, and tools to discover the leverage point and the long lever to manage and control throughput as needed by the market environment.

Explore the TameFlow approach and understand how to use concepts of constraints and bottlenecks using Theory of Constraints, Logical Thinking Processes to manage constraints as an Archimedes Lever in your organization’s world. Our best friend, Herbie!

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