Kanban's fixation of bottlenecks

In page 77 of the draft for The Workflow you say that “the Kanban Method uses it [I presume the 5FS] to fix bottlenecks, which is self defeating”.

Can you please explain why and how?

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You might want to check the chapter in the Hyper-productive Knowledge Work Performance book where I show why Column WIP Limits are a problem. They give you false positives. You think you have identified a systemic problem (you believe it is the “bottleneck”) and you apply 5FS to fix it. But all that effort is vain, because you were not addressing the “constraint”. Self-defeating because it does not produce a systemic improvement. It is just glorified fire-fighting.

Remember that you have to always be open to find the constraint anywhere: in the Work Flow, in the Work Process or in the Work Execution; and you use respectively, queue sizes, largest average in process state flow time, and buffer signals for the three cases.

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