It will be interesting

Despite having been there! and seen it! (at Borland) and done that! (leading hyper-productive teams) myself, I have a decisive negative stance on the possibility of replicating hyper-productivity from one organization to another through process and methods. The patterns approach, which we will discover soon, is better suited because it allows you to generate the social structures that may be conducive to hyper-productivity.

Tendon, Steve; Muller, Wolfram. Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance (The Tameflow Hyper-productivity) (p. 9). J. Ross Publishing. Kindle Edition.

It will be interesting to see how the “Tameflow” class curriculum is designed. Equipping people to “generate social structures” is a lot more hair-raising prospect that teaching them some fantastic new method that will solve all their problems.

Oh, it’s interesting all right. I’ve had to supplement my teaching with a lot of mediation techniques to remain calm haha. I think it helps that I train wild mustangs. It’s good preparation.

All joking aside, the heavy lifting in my case is fortunately done by the success and credibility of the results and stories told by the teams themselves. We also got a huge lift due to covid and all the press about the digital age. It seemed to encourage a more open mind. I think that provides a little more “Inspired leadership”.

“train wild mustangs” i love it :slight_smile:

The Patterns perspective will come later - not immediately.

You’ll have to wait and see!