Interesting presentation about relationship of pull request size and flow efficiency

Kudos to the original creator Dragan Stepanovic.

I came across this slideshare that explores the relationship between the size of pull requests and flow efficiency. As any analysis of this type, it can only be as good as the data that is used in it.

Notwithstanding the conclusions of the author, it is interesting to see flow efficiency measured at that level.

I figured I could share in here for those of you interested in this aspect that is so prominent in Tameflow.


Hi Dan,

One of the benefits of pair programming is that those who want to interrupt you always feel a little ‘shy’ when they see 2 or more people working together. But this is old news …

It is a good example of social engineering … Reducing PR Size forces collaboration in this example … Just as reducing WIP below the number of workers would also induce collaboration …

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Thanks dhdez, lots of cross over between TameFlow and Mob Programming. Great post.

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