I don't know if you're looking to actively recruit trainers

but this approach by shalloway might be something that would attract people who are already trained in related methods

Al Shalloway
Al Shalloway• 1stWorking to close the difference in what we know how to do and how much of that is done in the world.5d • 5 days ago

A Personal Invitation for CSTs, PSTs and other Scrum Trainers

I have been doing Scrum training for 20 years. While sometimes getting teams to be effective with Scrum has been easy, sometimes becoming effective has not happened at all. While I hear many Scrum trainers complain about poor management or the team not being motivated, or “well they didn’t do Scrum” as the reason, I know that many of you understand that getting teams up to being effective often takes more, or even something different than, what Scrum provides. It is to those of you who think this way that I am making this invitation.

In many situations, management needs education in basic Lean principles to understand why Scrum will work in order to properly support their teams. In others, teams will be more effective if Scrum is adjusted to for the context in which a team finds itself. Both of these require more than a few Lean practices, but need much of the deeper theory we’ve learned (Lean, Flow, ToC) over the last 25 years.

Recognizing this need is the biggest mindset difference between DA and classic Scrum. For those of you with this mindset, I invite you to become a DA Instructor. I’ll be here to help if you do. And, you don’t need to abandon your current certification either, it’ll just get better.

This is a topic that pertains to the “Business” of TameFlow. There are other venues where that topic is discussed between the TameFlow Trainers and the TameFlow Partners, and not for public consumption.

On this community site, please let’s focus on the “Approach” of TameFlow, as an alternative to the methods, methodologies, maturity models, frameworks and what else is out there.