How to Break Complexity in a Social System

How to Break Complexity in a Social System?

"Natural science has discovered “chaos.” Social science has encountered “complexity.” But chaos and complexity are not characteristics of our new reality; they are features of our perceptions and understanding. We see the world as increasingly more complex and chaotic because we use inadequate concepts to explain it. When we understand something, we no longer see it as chaotic or complex. "Jamshid Gharajedaghi.

How can we understand deeply about any system - a social system, an organization? What is minimum Leadership required to enable that understanding? The Servant as a leader is the antidote for any complex problems in any social system. Inspired Leadership of the Tameflow approach is another leadership that works in tandem with Servant as a leader.

A right leadership philosophy is an excellent antidote to break any complex systems, but what approach would we follow? A sound management system always enables suitable structures to cultivate a culture that we aspire for, not the other way around.

What management system is ideal? How do we understand our context and design our social system- our organization? We may want to explore more to discover depths on how to design our social system, organization.

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