Habits - Do our individual habits somehow link to patterns and mental models?

Thinking about #transformation does our #habits somehow come into play?

Is there a link between our #habits (what we do regularly either consciously or subconsciously) and our #mental-models?

Can #habits somehow be described as #patterns?

What is your experience?

No, I don’t see habits as Patterns.

Habits embody fixed ways of thinking. They avoid your spending any energy in thinking.

Patterns are a vocabulary for describing an existing reality or designing a future reality. They are primarily a means for thinking and communicating about that thinking.


I suspect that, just as metaphors gradually sink into everyday language until they are no longer seen as metaphors, with long use some aspects of patterns become habits…and cost less energy to use. They say chess masters no longer “think through” most moves…they just directly perceive the correct move to make. I think this fits into the “five steps of learning”.