Graph visualization tools

For many years I have been thinking about and had a few false starts in using Network “Graphing” tools to visualization the relationships in a project or team or product.

I have played around with which kind of petered out.
Now I am back in action and using

I have a script that exports all the issues and relationships from Jira and creates a file that can be uploaded into Cytoscape.

I am sure that this will become a very useful tool in the weeks to come.

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What are you representing with that network diagram? Dependencies?

We are using Jira in the team and so I am creating nodes based on Issues, Epics, Sub-tasks, Components & FixVersions.
The edges (Connections) between these nodes also have time attributes. From when till when did this relationship exist.
Typically we have a lifecycle, Need -> Design(s) -> Development Story
Work items are grouped by associating these nodes with Components & FixVersions(Releases).

I also include Issue Links, which can be dependencies.

You’ll have to demo this sometime, so we can… see! :slight_smile: