Flow of Value and RACI and Organizational Hierarchy

Have you ever thought that there are invisible structures that are mainly responsible for creating value and the path through which the value flows is also invisible? The value never flows though traditional organizational structures and RACI matrix. Traditional organizational structures and RACI are like gauges on a pipeline that appears to control, influence, and measure flow of value; what you should expect from organizational structures and RACI if the pipeline that creates and ensures flow of value was not envisioned, constructed, and managed properly to the evolving context and that has lot of holes which only let value seeps out instead of advancing towards the vision.

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Indeed. We need to think in terms of networks of communication and interaction between the individuals that make up the effective organization rather than the ideal hierarchical/RACI mental model.

See Chapter 2, Shapes and Patterns of Hyper-Productivity in the Hyper book; and in particular section 2.6, The Prevalence of Structure and Values over Process

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