FinOps another avenue to bring finance into the orbit of the team

Heard about this newish community a few months ago. I’ve not yet had time to get involved but something Steve said during one of the Herbie Camp fire talks reminded me.

Hi @rnwolf, this is a new one for me as well… but what did I say in the Campfire that made you see a connection?

Also, if you can, take a deeper look into these FinOps and give us your impression. (I’m Herbie… my backpack is fully loaded! :slight_smile: )

If teams have more ownership about the financial outcomes I think there will be more creative solutions… Except I find that the finances are usually kept away from the teams.
The FinOps crowd is looking to make hosting/cloud costs part of the teams remit. If so, it means that there will be more consideration of what it takes to build and run the product/service.

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