Double Loop Learning Organizations

Wow. This article was REALLY good. Organization reluctance to, or inability to (even when they think they want to) change were eye-opening.


It was a good article. But as I read the case study I kept seeing it as a totally different problem, one for which Lean’s “go to the gemba” would be a better approach (or, at least, a first-line approach).

The essence of the problem was poor (or corrupted) communication from the front-line to top leadership, and for this there is no better antidote than first-hand experience/communication rather than layer’s of communications filters.

I couldn’t ever see Elon Musk, for example, having this problem.

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Thanks Curtis. It’s an interesting problem for me, the interaction between the organizations systems and structures and the role of individual leadership and initiative. Of course, leadership shapes systems and structures over time…so maybe its chicken and egg. Because I feel like our culture focuses on leadership and individual inititative, I tend to always try and think in terms of the influences of the underlying system first.

@kentyer FWIW, the Guild of Project Controls adopted Argyris and Schon’s Double Loop Learning as a “best tested and proven” approach for their Compendium of Best Tested and Proven" practices, Figures 10 and 11.

We felt this was much better than PMI or AACE using the Shewhart/Deming PDCA cycle, which was more designed for an OPERATING rather than a PROCESS based environment.

Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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Thanks for the additional info. Learning with friends always works better.