Designer as a Leader

Designer as a Leader

A great leader also designs the structure - social systems- where resistance will be turned into strength and utilize that strength to channel the flow of value at all levels towards organizational vision and goals. Leadership thinking to design their system must exist at all levels; remember, leadership and management are the two sides of the same coin!

Surprisingly, this type of leadership requires introvert thinking and extrovert thinking in equal proportions- a kind of left and right brain thinking in unison. All great leaders are systems thinkers, and all the rest are mere slogan creators.

How do we design the social system? Any social system appears like a jungle; unless we design a structure, there is no chance for a great culture to emerge. Designing this Jungle is a challenge that we need to think through to execute our strategies effectively. Almost all are very good at having great strategies, but almost all fail in turning those strategies to execution. Even if they have successfully executed strategies, their margins would be fragile as they lose scarce resources, money, and time to execute them. This execution of the strategies is where the importance of designing the Jungle is paramount.

What else would we need after designing the Jungle? We will need a vehicle to move from the current state to the targeted future state. What is this vehicle, the Jeep, the team? How do we ensure the Jeep, the team, runs at performance mode? Remember, the throughput of any team will never be greater than its constraint. If everyone works at full capacity, the organization will lose more money. It requires new leadership thinking to understand the wisdom of having idle workers also comes into play. Keeping all these enigmatic scenarios, how would we design our team, the Jeep?

Assuming that we have now designed the Jungle, organizational context, and the Jeep, the team(s), what would it take to keep your journey in a more predictable way that will give a set of perfect leading indicators?

To address all the above challenges, any leader must have good design thinking capabilities. A leader also designs structures; please recollect that leadership and management are two sides of the same coin.

To design organizational contexts and perform the execution of strategies, we will need an approach; the TameFlow approach provides thinking tools, methods, and tools through the Jungle, Jeep, and Journey metaphor. Designing organizational workflows, work processes, and work execution, respectively.

We explain this with the metaphor of The Jeep, the Jungle, and the Journey.

The Jeep is our organization, our team. The way we work can be established in a very well-known, deterministic manner. We want our Jeep to be in the best of conditions and responsive to our steering and driving.

The Jungle is the business domain we are confronting. It could be chaotic in a genesis stage, or it could be complicated in a commodity/utility stage. It is the terrain that we have to traverse with our Jeep.

The journey is how we actually handle our Jeep while moving across the Jungle, with all the events that might happen during that particular venture.

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Love this rephrasing of the metaphor - it makes it even more accessible, and applicable!

Thank you @sgarapati