Dealing with interruptions

This is not exactly a “tool”, but does anyone have any experience with programmers who shut off their social media, email and phones during working hours ?

You should not “deal” with interruptions. You should aim to ERADICATE interruptions.

That isolationist behavior or programmers should be permitted, encouraged and even institutionalized (maybe with green/red lights dummies), to allow programmers to get into mental flow states. What becomes important though is to have some - very rarely used - emergency switch for cases were there are real emergencies.

If we diligently use buffers and work execution signals, and run meetings on-demand when the signals appear, the programmers would know by themselves (self-management) when they need to get out of their productive isolation; and the emergency switch should almost never be needed.

The purpose of work execution signals is to “allow people to work” uninterruptedly rather then continuously talk about the work that doesn’t get done… :slight_smile:

In-between MOVEs there will always be de-brief / re-brief meetings anyway, to catch up on important things, and to do RC analysis.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I was wondering if anyone had anecdotal experience of a programming environment where programmers were not expected…as a matter of course… to be constantly watching their email, or responding to their phones.
If they were in the same building someone could go tap them on the shoulder…if they were remote it might be harder… maybe a hack that let you insert a message into their IDE.

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