Context Matters

Context Matters!

Doesn’t context matter to determine the type(s) of leadership?

We will need to use several kinds of leadership at the same time. Not the same hammer for everything!

How do you train a troop of people to jump using a parachute from a flying airplane or fight on a battlefield? In such times, no time for thinking; do it.

“Today’s standardization is the necessary foundation on which tomorrow’s improvement will be based. If you think of ‘standardization’ as the best you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow – you will get somewhere. But if you think of standards as confining, then progress stops.” – Henry Ford

Ironically, all truly agile organizations use standardization and scientific thinking; they don’t throw baby bathwater. However, the Agile organizations(who will never become agile) use only one fixed type of leadership or live in a confused state of no coherence. In most cases, that leadership will only be talking, no walk! This conundrum continues through the time of history. BTW, genuine agile organizations are humane and focus on people development.

How would you design your context? Wouldn’t your context look like a jungle? When and how do you understand your context? What vehicle would you use to begin and continue your journey? So, how would you be able to see ahead so that you won’t fall into traps or valleys or encounter some unknown obstacles?

Explore the TameFlow approach to understand how you would understand your context, design your execution process, and begin your journey through the metaphor the Jungle, the Jeep, and the Journey.

You will also have the advantage of knowing and using a lever( Archimedes Lever) to manage and control your throughput as well.

Please join the discussion on the Jeep, Jungle, and journey here as well?


Thank you for this. Interesting quote from Henry Ford.

Could you elaborate on how you relate this quote to the jeep, jungle and journey metaphor?


The idea is that we cannot have a clear direction for improvement if standardization and continuous improvement will not work in tandem. Otherwise, we circle and feel that we are improving. This spinning like in a hamster wheel is the most common situation with the Agile teams. After several years of working as traditional or Agile teams, they still struggle to find a way for performance that is needed to match with the changing market demands. These teams and organizations may appear to meet the changing demand, but that would be at a higher cost than is what could be possible.

The key idea of the quote is that both standards and continuous improvement are necessary for a meaningful continuous improvement. We can think of this as climbing a ladder step-by-step; each step is like one set of standards and climbing up is like an improvement.

Please check this article for further insights into how this relates to the Jeep, jungle, and Journey. We will need to design and baseline or standardize our Jungle, Jeep, and Journey and improve daily. Let us hope this helps to make connections. Please let us know if this does not help to make connections.