Complexity and Servant as a Leader: How to Tame the Complexity?

"Natural science has discovered “chaos.” Social science has encountered “complexity.” But chaos and complexity are not characteristics of our new reality; they are features of our perceptions and understanding. We see the world as increasingly more complex and chaotic because we use inadequate concepts to explain it. When we understand something, we no longer see it as chaotic or complex. " Jamshid Gharajedaghi.

How can we begin our journey to understand complexity of any system and find leverage point to manage? What minimum leadership is required to enable that understanding? Servant as a leader is the perfect antidote for any kind of complex problems.

When someone talking gobbledygook that has a lot of tongue twisting words to explain the problems and blaming them due to complexity and you continue to suffer from that problems, you can call them out that they are are not practicing leadership philosophy of servant as a leader.
Steve Tendon
What other antidote you have in your tool-kit to manage complexity and the VUCA world? Inspired Leadership and Design of the organization through a right management system- the TameFlow approach; know how to manage the Jungle, the Jeep, and the Journey! This will expose out all problems. #tameflow

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