Community retreat?


While on the one hand, TF seems so natural to the way I have been working for a long time, I also feel terribly inadequate when it comes to actually working with TF, and I would be keen to sit down and discuss/learn with other people who are either curious and/or already skilled.

Could I interest others in a TF community day where we can go through techniques, use cases or scenarios together in a way of mutual learning?


Hi Michael
That’s an excellent idea. How/where/when would you organize such a day? Please suggest and maybe we can coordinate.

Hi Both

A Community day is a great idea. Make it a special event in Malta and/ or an online Event.


I’d be interested as well, especially if it’s in Malta or online.

@DanielDoiron - yes, I think a formal training would also help me get the basic concepts sorted.
That’s one topic in and of itself and I would like that as well.

My expectiation from a community day would be mostly on practice exchange and community building - see what other people do, address real life challenges, exchange ideas, learn how we can support each other - and we could even create content and infomaterial that we can use to spread TameFlow further.

As was already suggested by others, Malta would be fantastic.
I think 1 or 2 days, maybe a weekend to build the community.
We shouldn’t do this on too short notice, so that we can rally people and prepare the logistics.
How about sometime late Spring/early Summer next year?

When the engine is well oiled, I was thinking 2 retreats a year …

One my Malta in January and one in Toronto in May …

The first one may be off sync and be held in Malta no matter the time of year …

We need to have a community of 20 trainers/consultants/students to attract .

I own this one !

Well… seems Malta is a desirable location! Let’s work on it.

Perfect idea for Malta, early Spring (which is like April in Canada).