Community of Trust


An interesting concept.

What does trust mean to you?

In extension what does a community of trust mean?

I often think of trust as: What I think is aligned with what I say which is aligned with what I do. If others then perceive my words to more often than not be aligned with my actions - then they might perceive me to have a certain degree of integrity and hence possibly trust me.

Naturally we cannot see what others think.

Any thoughts on this subject?

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So integrity and trust seem connected. Right?

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Narratively, at least, trust is grounded on betrayal. You always “betray” the one who trusts you, and then trust is regrounded in forgiveness. I used to argue that a consientious person would never get married, because, if they had any self-knowledge they would know that they would end up hurting the other person.

Yes. In my mind definitely integrity and trust is connected.

I might be thinking something. There is no possible way for you to know for certain what I am thinking.

You can though hear what I am saying or see (read) what I am writing.

We talk about having five senses.

You can only observe if there is a reasonable amount of coherence between what I say (e.g. my intent as expressed by me) and my actions / behaviors / what I do. That is observable. My thinking is from a scientific standpoint private and happens inside my brain - and this is not observable.

If what I say is more often than not aligned with what I do then this may equal integrity and trust will grow. It can even faster go in the other direction.