Can you point me towards more content like this

change in a traditional organization the feedback loop between management and development

one of the important things about tameflow is the claim to provide a unified mental model the whole organization can use…but there is not much about how you would do that in practice

No! That’s not the claim!

TameFlow does not provide a “unified mental model.” We assist organization to develop their own shared common understanding of why they exist (Unity of Purpose). We do not provide such a model. It has to develop organically within the minds and heads and hearts of the organization itself.

Though we give a lot of nudges…

More content will come as we launch the revamped training programme.

Be patient! :nerd_face:

OK. got it. It’s wonderful how ideas morph as they go from the page to a mind.
My mind has engaged TameFlow now and is just spinning off LOTS of ideas…afraid it’s to late to stop it. A revamped training program will be great…but it will probably just make that problem worse, not better.
I don’t mean to be bugging you… I appreciate the chance to interact and learn.

No problem Kenneth… just so many things cooking in the pot now… :slight_smile: