"An Interview with Steve Tendon" - John Coleman's Livestream on Youtube, Friday, May 22, 2020

So I will be on @colemanja’s show in a few days. Signup info can be found in this LinkedIn post

From LinkedIn, I am collecting the following questions that I might answer during the show:

  1. What are the main distinctions of TamefFow versus other forms of Agility or the nameless thing that Taiichi Ohno brought into the world? (Jon Jorgensen)
  2. What goes well with TameFlow and what does not? (Jon Jorgensen)
  3. What ways which TameFlow has successfully grown and spread across an organization, which you think would be a useful reference for ‘absolute beginners’?(Jon Jorgensen)
  4. How much has TameFlow itself evolved over the many years you’ve worked with it, and how broadly do you imagine it evolving (if any) over the next couple of decades? (Jon Jorgensen)
  5. What are the pre-requisites (if any) to responsibly experimenting with TameFlow in large organizations? (Jon Jorgensen)
  6. Given its proven power and effectiveness, why TOC is still not mainstream everywhere, and particularly in Agile and DevOps contexts? (Adail Retamal)
  7. Iis there any specific aspect of TameFlow you’re working on to improve at the moment? if so, could you give us a hint? (@dhdez)

I will update the list above if further questions come through my streams; but if you want to add questions yourself, please add them in the comments hereto.


In anticipation of a question that will come regarding the adoption of TF.

Who, where is using TF? As we speak, our trainers or students or fans are using TF boards at their big customers sites (Flow Efficiency Kanban boards with a lot of success) at:
Loto Québec (Canada-Montréal) - more than a year, multi projects, multi teams, multi business lines
Desjardins (Canada-Montréal) - more than a year
Banque Nationale (Canada-Montréal)
TIAA (USA- Raleigh) - 3 months and 6 teams are now using FE Kanban boards. 20 more teams before end of June.
Deutche Telecom (Germany-Bonn) - More than a year - A top level initiative at the product level is feeling massive changes in their productivity

And having a lot of fun making Flow Efficiency the center of their decision making everyday.

This is course is only a list that I can see from where I sit.

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