An Interesting view on the psychology of problem solving


This is an interesting article on the ‘additive bias’ to problem solving. It would be worth asking what things (elements, assumptions, WIP boards, people, process steps…who knows?) TameFlow subtracts to make work more effective and point to this research as something that supports this counterintuitive idea.


No ceremonies … No Framework … No pratices … No reference process … No principles … No values … No Maturity Models … No roles … No atrefacts …

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This would be an interesting discussion Angus…TameFlow presents itself with a full panoply of charts, graphs, boards and control mechanisms. It would be interesting to map between TameFlow and the traditional processes and be explicit about what is being left out…and why the process still works even when those things are left out. I guess a parallel list would be, what TameFlow does add, what new things are added to make the system work after the left out things have been left out.


You make it sound so complicated. It is only ONE concept that is visualized in a few ways.

There is also ONE thing that is added: focus on the essential.