An earlier Theory of Constraints

Not sure if this post will be welcome here, conscious it may come across I’m blowing my own trumpet. If so, let me know and I will delete it promptly.

I came across the term “Theory of Constraints” while reading the book “An introduction to Cybernetics” (published 1956). Written by professor William Ross Ashby.

I put together some thoughts in an article I figured I could share with you all:

The reason I’m sharing here is because I was really fascinated with the idea that some earlier cybernetics theorist established some principles that Goldratt (unconsciously or not) used in order to develop his own method. At any rate, I hope that by sharing this I can contribute to expand the knowledge of those of you who may be interested on this subject.

Anyway, I hope it is of your interest.



This is absolutely brilliant stuff, Daniel!

I was aware of “prior art” but never discovered the details. I don’t know it was this work by Ashby or others. Since Goldratt was a physicist, it is quite likely he knew about this. Worthwhile digging some more!

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Thanks Steve :slight_smile:

I also speculated that being a physicist, Goldratt may have come across these ideas too. I got a couple of more books from Goldratt and searched through references but so far I haven’t been able to make the connection.

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Great this is great to see; thank you for posting!!

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