Agile is a Core Problem

Agile is a Core Problem.

Agile, in practice, is like a wolf in a tiger’s clothes; however, there is value in the manifesto; many teams and organizations struggle to understand the complexities and see the realities of real life when the rubber meets the road.

If we want to be agile as a tiger, we will need to imagine and design and transform ourselves into the tiger. However, as each animal is different, each can still be agile without the need to transform to something else, as strength comes only within. We will not ape others. Even elephants can be agile.

How can we redesign our teams and organization when we do not have the capabilities? What would it take for everyone to challenge themselves to have the imagination, skills, and capabilities to see the whole system and think holistically; this thinking helps develop the skills to engage and understand the context and problems in their environment. However, we will not get those capabilities by practicing how to parrot a bunch of buzz words and jargon through certification programs.

Please explore further to understand the context and discover how to design based on the contextual situation.


Love how you put that!

The industry is producing Certified Buzzword and Jargon Parrots!

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Yes, that is true. Parrots are no more endangered species:)

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LOL! The greatest contribution of the Agile Industry… they saved the parrots!


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I wouldn’t get so excited, they saved the parrots at the expense of snakes.

You know… snake oil must come from somewhere @tendon :wink:


@sgarapati Interesting collection of metaphors. This is conceptual. Could you elaborate more on “agile is a core problem” by conveying what you mean by “agile” and then what a specific problem might be (example with a context)?

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